Ukraine Up the Main Street with a Cocktail

Pop-up brand-bars are a strong recent trend of the Ukrainian street food festivals. Data sheet showcases selling more than six hundred specialty cocktails by a popular Speak Easy Bar by MOROSHA during one day of street food festival. Bartenders make cocktails based on Morosha vodka infused with fennel, figs, rosemary, seven varieties of pepper and other natural ingredients. Three most popular titles are: ‘Dill’ (using dill infused vodka, cucumber, honey syrup, lemon, and lime caramel foam), strong and bitter ‘Rude Boy’ (with artichoke infused vodka), and ‘Mary Rose’ (with rosemary infused vodka, flavored with rose petals). "These cocktails can be recommended to the wide audience, they are universal and match both male and female tastes," says Maxim Grigoriev, the bartender at Speak Easy Bar by MOROSHA. Shustov brandy bar features twist cocktail menu: the revised classic famous mixed drinks and ‘fresh market mixology’. "We focus on hand-crafted production, we infuse our brandy on red berries, prepare home infusions and syrups for cocktails. The global trend to consume less sugary drinks touched not only wine, but also cocktails," bar manager Oleg Yakobenko tells D+ editorial. The most popular position at brandy bar is ‘Brandy Fix’ with lime juice, pineapple syrup, Demerara syrup and Chartreuse liqueur. The public at the festival also favors sparkling wine based cocktails at OREANDA champagne bar: Aperol Spritz and Bellini.


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